Memorial Day

So yesterday was Memorial Day… honestly, we don’t exactly have this event but I’ll just take this opportunity to honor those who died while serving… and for me, every day is memorial day.

Anyway, here’s a release~ (Yay! I didn’t get lazy. I was quality checking while sipping this delicious fruit tea so I managed to finish it despite the devil’s tempting me to just sleep…) Hopefully I can release another chapter by the end of the month.

  • Toshiue no Hito. (Odawara Mizue) Volume 01 Chapter 02 – Office love between an older male and younger female… I find this series cute and sweet, and to be honest I sometimes see myself in the girl’s situation… yes, I’m a bit childish (hahaha)… anyway, want to read higher quality scans of this series? We need high quality raws, so please do help us if you have a copy of the book!

We’re recruiting! We need Japanese/Chinese translators, editors (cleaners who don’t mind working with gutters or medium quality scans and typesetters), and raw providers. If you’re inexperienced, don’t worry! We’re willing to teach you. Drop us a mail at or head to the Recruitments page.