Indulgence Debuts!

Hi there! After 1 year or so of preparation, Indulgence is finally debuting in the scanlation world! Indulgence is a new group that aims to present you high quality scans of mangas that Shoujo Addiction never finished.
We, at Indulgence Scans, are working hard but unfortunately we only have few active staff.

Some of the projects that are currently on work are:

  • Mousou Fuuki Iin
  • Goshimei! Host Kyoushi J
  • Inochi
  • Dangerous Strawberry Boy
  • Sheryl – Kiss in the Galaxy

…and more.

Anyway, here’s our first release:

  • Kuchibiru Kara Toketeiku Volume 01 Story 03 – it’s a really cute story about a wedding planner and a baker. A pretty good read if you ask me… just read it and see yourself. Anyway, about Kuchibiru… as much as we want to finish everything, our scanner for this series, happygal, cannot be contacted. If you have raws for this manga, then contact us at¬†

We’re recruiting! We need Japanese/Chinese translators, editors (cleaners who don’t mind working with gutters or medium quality scans and typesetters), and raw providers. If you’re inexperienced, don’t worry! We’re willing to teach you. Drop us a mail at