Happy November!

Hi there! Finally another long awaited chapter is here! It’s 3:34 in the morning and I don’t even know why I’m awake… lol I was actually studying for a test about Bronsted-Lowry Acids & Bases, pH and pOH, yep those kinds of things and I’ve got some free time. I’m releasing it now because I might not be able to release it later because I’m going to watch Catching Fire with my loves.

Anyway, enjoy!

We need 1-2 new shoujo/josei titles to work on. Chinese and Japanese translators are needed as well. One experienced, fast and reliable proofreader is needed, too!

Rainy end of July…

So there, we have now come to the end of July, and here in my country, it’s already the rainy season… I don’t know why but I easily get sick 😦 Maybe, it’s just because of the changing weather, but being sick sucks. By the way, August and September will be very busy for me, so releases might be delayed (but fear not, there are almost ready to be released chapters for you!)

So now on to the release…

  • Ichirei Shite, Kiss Volume 01 Chapter 01 – My Poisoned Arrow… I really fell in love with the cover so I decided to work on it… This story revolves around love, archery and a kouhai&senpai relationship. I guess this is where their love story blooms. And ah, thank Summer Rain as well (they did the translation!) A very lovely shoujo so check it out!

And as usual… we’re recruiting! We need JAPANESE/CHINESE translators, cleaners, editors, redrawers/cloners, raw providers and an experienced quality checker. Just drop by our recruitment page if interested!