Heavy Shoujo Release!!!

I’ve been really busy of life plus internet problems here and there keep on troubling me so I haven’t been able to work with many chapters… but finally, here’s a release. It’s a joint with the very awesome group Forbidden Garden. They’ve been really kind and patient.

Anyway, nothing to say here but maybe be prepared for some long chapter?

We badly need STAFF!

[I’m] alive!

Hi there! Sorry for the delay but finally here are some releases~

Here are 2 chapters that were released long time ago but never had the time to announce it in this site.

[Release #29-30, 4.28.14] Big thanks to JShoujo Scans for continually supporting us even if we’re so slow all the times. Don’t forget to visit them and check their projects as well!

NEW! And due to popular demand, here’s an Inochi chapter! I really love this chapter. Oh well, enough said! Enjoy ❤

[Release 31]

I was planning to have an anniversary batch release but suddenly I can’t magically produce some chapters on time (May 18, 2014). Anyway, we at Indulgence are not giving up!

We really need new staff! All positions open!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 1

Hello, everyone!
To celebrate the heart’s day, we’ll be having a 3 part release today.

Part 1… Indulgence & JShoujo Scans present you:

Parts 2, and hopefully the third part shall be released sometime this day! Enjoy! ^_^

Happy Holidays!

Hi there! Long time no see, huh? XD
Indulgence just wants to say Happy Holidays! Hope you’re having a great time.
There are supposed to be many chapters for release but yeah I was being lazy >.<
Hopefully, I'll add more in later.

We need Chinese and Japanese translators!

Happy November!

Hi there! Finally another long awaited chapter is here! It’s 3:34 in the morning and I don’t even know why I’m awake… lol I was actually studying for a test about Bronsted-Lowry Acids & Bases, pH and pOH, yep those kinds of things and I’ve got some free time. I’m releasing it now because I might not be able to release it later because I’m going to watch Catching Fire with my loves.

Anyway, enjoy!

We need 1-2 new shoujo/josei titles to work on. Chinese and Japanese translators are needed as well. One experienced, fast and reliable proofreader is needed, too!