[I’m] alive!

Hi there! Sorry for the delay but finally here are some releases~

Here are 2 chapters that were released long time ago but never had the time to announce it in this site.

[Release #29-30, 4.28.14] Big thanks to JShoujo Scans for continually supporting us even if we’re so slow all the times. Don’t forget to visit them and check their projects as well!

NEW! And due to popular demand, here’s an Inochi chapter! I really love this chapter. Oh well, enough said! Enjoy ❤

[Release 31]

I was planning to have an anniversary batch release but suddenly I can’t magically produce some chapters on time (May 18, 2014). Anyway, we at Indulgence are not giving up!

We really need new staff! All positions open!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 1

Hello, everyone!
To celebrate the heart’s day, we’ll be having a 3 part release today.

Part 1… Indulgence & JShoujo Scans present you:

Parts 2, and hopefully the third part shall be released sometime this day! Enjoy! ^_^

October is Joint Month!

Hi there! It’s almost October, and to end this month is another release! Indulgence is working with other groups to release chapters faster (or maybe not?).

Here’s a joint chapter for you! Enjoy!

Expect more joint projects in October! Yay!

We’re still recruiting! Japanese and Chinese translators are really needed! Cleaners are needed as well ^_^ Drop by our recruitment page if interested.