Marin and Rei… and another ghost!

I’m supposed to release this waay wayy back but I never had the chance to look at it and typeset the 25 pages because of things (*coughs*laziness*coughs*lol). But at least I have it done for today~

I really enjoy this manga so I hope you do, too! I regretted that I didn’t typeset it before. I mean, it’s actually really good (for me) and I recommend it if you’ve been reading Inochi chapters lately. It’s a good deviation from the drama.

Anyway, go grab it!

  • Marin to Yuurei Volume 01 Chapter 04 – just who possessed Marin? Will the “ghost” destroy her finally blooming relationship with Hori-kun? Thanks to Colorful Scans for helping us with the scans and translations as usual!

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