March Release #2

Another Inochi release for you!
I really love this series.
It’s really getting more and more and more awesome and interesting!

Without further ado, here’s…

  • Inochi Volume 04 Chapter 16 – this marks the end of volume 4! Nobara’s getting more and more determined to have her sister’s murderer given a punishment that she’ll do anything… anything at all even if it costs being sent to hell with Gotouda!

Anyway, for our next release, what would you like to see? Marmalade Boy Little or more Inochi (hehe)? I’m trying to have Tora to Ookami released but there are so many missing translations. I need Japanese translators to do the missing stuff so if you’re interested of this series, please do apply!

Cleaners and typesetters are welcome as well!

10 thoughts on “March Release #2

  1. Next release, ehh? More Inochi, pleaaaaaaaseeee!
    We just have a volume left, right? I’m so excited~
    Thank you so much for all your hardwork! πŸ™‚

  2. I’d love to have more Marmalade Boy Little! ^_^ I just discovered the sequel series a few weeks ago and it seems like fans in other countries have already released Volume 2. Crazy stuff! Heck, I’d consider helping with Japanese to English for MBL (I’ve translated some Eva doujin a few years back) but I’m so busy these days I’m just not sure.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Marmalade boy little pleaaase! ^^ The series is so adorable and sweet! I’m really glad an english scanlator took it to translate, thank you! Also, I thought it was sooo cute that you referred to it as a beloved series of yours! *hugs* (me too! me too!~~) ❀

    • Ah, and even though I have no experience editing images, I still would like to help with MB little…I wonder if I could be of any help…I’ll contact you for more info! ^^

      • Hi! ^^
        I’ve sent you a message in the recruiting page, but since I had any reply I’d like to know if you received it, if not, I can send it again.
        Thank you!~~ πŸ™‚

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