Double Release

Hi there! It’s my semester break so I’ve got some free time in my hands. More time = more releases.
Nothing much to say, but I’m really depressed. I mean, really… *goes and sulks in a corner*

  • Tora to Ookami Volume 03 Chapter 11 – last release has been almost a year ago, and so I decided to pick this one up. Anyway, we really need Chinese/Japanese translators for this one D:
  • Inochi Volume 04 Chapter 13 – “The Hidden Truth Behind Kotori’s Murder” hot volume and chapter cover ❤ but just who is Murase-kun?

We’re still recruiting! We need all the Japanese/Chinese translators and editors we can get.


8 thoughts on “Double Release

  1. Oh wow. I had given up hope on ever seeing new scans of Tora to Ookami. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for picking it up! xD

  2. Yayy ❤ Thank you so much for picking up Tora to Ookami guys! very much appreciated *o* I'm so glad that you guys decided to scanlate this series~!

  3. Hey I was really happy to see someone take an interest in Tora To Ookami! I loved it when i was in high school but there hasn’t been any updates until now. I don’t know any translators, but I am willing to pay to see this continue. I created an account just for this. Contact me if you want to.

    • Hi there!
      Thanks for your offer, but we already have High Quality raws for Tora to Ookami. We also believe that we can’t take any money from our readers because we’re doing this for free. If you want to help us, maybe you can buy Japanese manga volumes and send them to us. 🙂 Someone contacted me about wanting to translate Tora to Ookami, and hopefully things will go well and we can release the next chapters sooner.

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