Double Release

Hi there! It’s my semester break so I’ve got some free time in my hands. More time = more releases.
Nothing much to say, but I’m really depressed. I mean, really… *goes and sulks in a corner*

  • Tora to Ookami Volume 03 Chapter 11 – last release has been almost a year ago, and so I decided to pick this one up. Anyway, we really need Chinese/Japanese translators for this one D:
  • Inochi Volume 04 Chapter 13 – “The Hidden Truth Behind Kotori’s Murder” hot volume and chapter cover ❤ but just who is Murase-kun?

We’re still recruiting! We need all the Japanese/Chinese translators and editors we can get.

Happy October!

Hi there, let’s welcome the month of October with a very beloved series of mine! Yep, it’s time for a Marmalade Boy LITTLE chapter! *throws confetti* Just a clarification though, can somebody tell me the real names of the characters? We’re just using Chinese scans so there are name inconsistencies. In the first chapter, the names translated to Rikka and Hajime but I checked Wikipedia and it says “Ritsuka and Saku”.
Please do tell us so we can clear things up.

We’re still recruiting! Translators (Chinese and Japanese) and editors are greatly appreciated! :3