October is Joint Month!

Hi there! It’s almost October, and to end this month is another release! Indulgence is working with other groups to release chapters faster (or maybe not?).

Here’s a joint chapter for you! Enjoy!

Expect more joint projects in October! Yay!

We’re still recruiting! Japanese and Chinese translators are really needed! Cleaners are needed as well ^_^ Drop by our recruitment page if interested.

No Exit!

Hi there. Here’s another release for this month. This has been in the editing department for so many months. I like this series; it’s not your usual shoujo. Please do give it a try!

Today’s release is a joint project with the group Phoenix Serenade Scans. They have been really kind and understanding about the delays regarding this chapter. Without their translation, this chapter wouldn’t have been released.

Without many further ado, here’s:

WE’RE STILL RECRUITING PEOPLE FOR OUR STAFF! If you are a Japanese to English translator, Chinese to English translator, cleaner, typesetter, redrawer, or an experienced quality checker, then please do apply! We have no deadlines and we don’t bite. Go to our Recruitment page if interested! Thanks ❤

Wake me up when September ends…

So it’s September, and it marks the beginning of the -BER months. That means that, yes, Christmas is fast approaching. Here in my country, we have like the longest celebration for Christmas. Actually, I don’t really celebrate the holiday, but I just go with the flow. I really like the holiday atmosphere, though (hehe).

Anyway, because it’s September, I remembered the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day. It’s a sad song and it has a very tragic story.

Okay, enough with my blabber…

  • Inochi Volume 03 Chapter 11 – Finally, another chapter! Thanks to Chibi Manga for helping us in the translation of this chapter. Without them, this chapter won’t be released today. I’m just having a clean up of my files and saw the pile of cleaned Inochi chapters by my dear Aliz (I miss you, please do come back!). I told my beloved friend, Chibi, about my problem and she gladly had one of her translators to do some Inochi chapters. *hugs Chibi, Aliz and Rida for making this release possible*. If you want to see more of Inochi chapters released, then please do apply as a Japanese translator~
  • Inochi Volume 03 Chapter 12 – and with this, volume 03 is finally completed! This chapter is just too depressing, but I really loved ch12. Evil Nobara-chan is evil and poor Murase-kun… 😦 2 more volumes before the end. Please do apply as a Japanese translator to see this series finished.

RECRUITMENT! We need Japanese translators [high priority for Inochi (JP) and for our upcoming projects like Hakase Ga!!, Katakoi Danshi, O*G*A, and others], cleaners, editors, redrawers/cloners, raw providers, an experienced proofreader and an experienced quality checker. Just drop by our recruitment page if interested!

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