A rainy August for me

Hi there guys! How are you all? After days of pigging out and sleeping, I finally decided to QC some chapters (actually there’s a lot to be QCed but meeh this gloomy and cold weather in our country is making me lazy, SOOO lazy)… Wherever you are, is it summer, fall, winter or spring? (I do not know anything about seasons in the world, so yeah haha, tell me…) Whatever season it is, I hope you are all safe.

I’ll probably add more releases to this post, IF I don’t get lazy later >.< *looks at the For QC folder*

  • Inochi Volume 03 Chapter 10 – FINALLY! After how many months of being stalled in the QCing department, I finally QCed it… this has been in my list for about 2-4 months already (hehe)… anyway, Inochi fans, I hope you like this chapter! Someone’s gonna tell us the truth (or is it really the truth?) And yep, chapter 11 is currently in the typesetting stage, so hopefully it’ll be out really soon ^^ Thanks to Bear Scans for offering us the scripts (d3luge and danci). Sadly, I haven’t heard from them anymore.
  • Marmalade Boy LITTLE Volume 01 Chapter 01 – I really loved the prequel for this one, so I decided to work on it. Anyway, we’re using the Chinese scans so there might be inconsistencies with the name. I enjoyed this first chapter, so I hope you do too.

And yes, we’re still recruiting! We need JAPANESE/CHINESE translators [high priority for Inochi (JP)], cleaners, editors, redrawers/cloners, raw providers, an experienced proofreader and an experienced quality checker. Just drop by our recruitment page if interested!

Also, blame my laziness for not yet updating the project list >.< I seriously need to update them as soon as possible…