I have been very busy lately, and so there are some delays in releasing… but we’re preparing many chapters to be released by the end of the month (stay tuned!)

And here goes a chapter for you!

  • Shoujo Mangaka no Koi (Osakabe Mashin) Volume 01 Chapter 02
  • – a love story between a mangaka and editor… uhmmm, nothing much to say… xD hopefully it’ll get better by the next chapter… anyway, this is a manga that was stalled in the editing department of SA because of MQ raws… actually, this series has been translated completely already. If you want a chapter to be released asap, apply as a cleaner!

And ahhhh… We’re recruiting! We REAAALLY need experienced Quality Checkers who don’t mind doing the corrections themselves, Japanese/Chinese translators, editors (cleaners who don’t mind working with gutters or medium quality scans and typesetters), and raw providers. If you’re inexperienced, don’t worry! We’re willing to teach you. Drop us a mail at indulgencescansstaff@gmail.com or head to the Recruitment page.


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