June Release!

So there, I managed to have one chapter ready for this month. Honestly, I have lots of stuff to QC but every time I convert the files to .PNG, my application crashes =.= That’s why I have to wait and try all over and over again. Fortunately, there are times when my PS isn’t moody and is working well (hehe)…

And the product of my repetitive trials is…

  • Otome no Honki – this is one of the stories from the Love Song Comics collection. It’s about a cold but hardworking kaichou and a very outspoken woman. Courtyard, jinx and love all mixed into one… just how will the story be? This is a joint from Chibi Manga so thank them as well 🙂 And ah, we’re only doing selected stories from the Love Song Comics selection with CM and the rest will be done by CM themselves.

We’re recruiting! We REAAALLY need experienced Quality Checkers who don’t mind doing the corrections themselves, Japanese/Chinese translators, editors (cleaners who don’t mind working with gutters or medium quality scans and typesetters), and raw providers. If you’re inexperienced, don’t worry! We’re willing to teach you. Drop us a mail at indulgencescansstaff@gmail.com or head to the Recruitment page.


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