Indulgence’s Policy

Indulgence needs you!
Hi there… please do take a little time in reading our policy and rules.

  1. We ALLOW hosting of our releases in manga sharing sites given that you don’t remove the credit and recruitment pages. We also ask for uploaders or contributors to please wait for 3 days before doing so. Failure to follow this simple policy of ours will lead to delays of possible chapters that we might release and increase of difficulty in getting the releases.
  2. Retranslation (if anyone is interested) is allowed, just ask permission and we’ll give you the original translated scripts.
  3. Joints are always welcome. Just send us a mail.
  4. And lastly, we work on projects that we want to work on. If there comes a time when another group is doing a project same as ours, then we will still continue it. We will finish what we’ve started and will never drop anything unless we don’t have enough resources to work on it anymore. So please, don’t ask us to drop a project. Indulgence aims to work hard to give you high quality scans so please bear with us (or help us).

Hmmm, that’s all, I guess? Thank you for reading and take care!

4 thoughts on “Indulgence’s Policy

  1. Hi! I am Misa from the French group MagicScan ( I would like to ask you if it was possible to have your permission to retranslate some of your projects into french? The projects are Inochi, Shoujo Mangaka no Koi and Deguchi Zero (we already have Phoenix Serenade’s permission for this one). Of course, we will respect all your rules. Here is our adress:
    Many thanks in advance,


  2. I totally respect your delay policy, but most manga hosting sites that ignore it automatically upload releases with a bot or something. Regardless of how it’s done, there isn’t any way to stop it. It’s always been this way. Which leads me to the next question… I guess you’re going to make things more “difficult to access” then, huh?

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