Indulgence’s Policy

Indulgence needs you!
Hi there… please do take a little time in reading our policy and rules.

  1. We ALLOW hosting of our releases in manga sharing sites given that you don’t remove the credit and recruitment pages. We also ask for uploaders or contributors to please wait for 3 days before doing so. Failure to follow this simple policy of ours will lead to delays of possible chapters that we might release and increase of difficulty in getting the releases.
  2. Retranslation (if anyone is interested) is allowed, just ask permission and we’ll give you the original translated scripts.
  3. Joints are always welcome. Just send us a mail.
  4. And lastly, we work on projects that we want to work on. If there comes a time when another group is doing a project same as ours, then we will still continue it. We will finish what we’ve started and will never drop anything unless we don’t have enough resources to work on it anymore. So please, don’t ask us to drop a project. Indulgence aims to work hard to give you high quality scans so please bear with us (or help us).

Hmmm, that’s all, I guess? Thank you for reading and take care!

March Release #2

Another Inochi release for you!
I really love this series.
It’s really getting more and more and more awesome and interesting!

Without further ado, here’s…

  • Inochi Volume 04 Chapter 16 – this marks the end of volume 4! Nobara’s getting more and more determined to have her sister’s murderer given a punishment that she’ll do anything… anything at all even if it costs being sent to hell with Gotouda!

Anyway, for our next release, what would you like to see? Marmalade Boy Little or more Inochi (hehe)? I’m trying to have Tora to Ookami released but there are so many missing translations. I need Japanese translators to do the missing stuff so if you’re interested of this series, please do apply!

Cleaners and typesetters are welcome as well!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Part 1

Hello, everyone!
To celebrate the heart’s day, we’ll be having a 3 part release today.

Part 1… Indulgence & JShoujo Scans present you:

Parts 2, and hopefully the third part shall be released sometime this day! Enjoy! ^_^

Heart Week Day 1

Hi there, all! After such a long time, I’m finally releasing something!

This Valentine’s week, we’re going to have some releases for you.

I’m really sorry for the very delayed releases! I became too busy to QC and release stuff so I wasn’t able to give you your manga fix. So, yey to free time, yey to releases!

As always… we’re open to new staff! We need Japanese/Chinese translators, cleaners, typesetters, editors and proofreaders.

Happy Holidays!

Hi there! Long time no see, huh? XD
Indulgence just wants to say Happy Holidays! Hope you’re having a great time.
There are supposed to be many chapters for release but yeah I was being lazy >.<
Hopefully, I'll add more in later.

We need Chinese and Japanese translators!